University students love to talk about their teachers. Dr. Crum’s students talk about him, they say he loves to provide strategies and resources to meet life’s challenges. His classes are engaging, and they encourage personal application of learning.

Personal Finance Classes by Dr. Crum:

  • NEW! Found Money: Tax Reform — This workshop explains new changes in the tax laws for 2018 which are designed to put more money in your pocket.
  • Spend Your Way to Financial Freedom — Learn how a budget is simply a plan to spend your money on what matters most to you. It is a fence to keep your golden geese where they belong and to prevent the foxes from carrying away your precious nest eggs.
  • Design Your Financial Future Through Home Ownership — Nothing is more discouraging than to wake up and discover how your dream home purchase has become a nightmare. Let’s build a strong financial plan to avoid financial surprises so you can wake up in the house of your dreams.
  • Looking to Retire? You Have Choices! Learn about strategies to make the most of Social Security, Medicare, and guaranteed income for retirement.
  • Your Credit Report Explained — The banks and insurance companies understand what it means, but do you?
  • Better Than a Bank CD — Learn how annuities compare to bank CDs by comparing rules, risk, and returns. You might be surprised!
  • Coming Soon! Retirement Bootcamp! Let’s get through basic training in Social Security, Medicare, and lifetime income so we can advance to living our dreams.